7 Resolutions for Finding Work You Love

03rd January 2014


Do you love you work?

Or do you know you could do more, be more and love it more.

Do you want to make a greater contribution to work that matters?

During 2013 I worked with many people who’d fallen out of love with their work.

And, in doing so they’d lost sight of their purpose, dreams and passion.

They often struggled to name, own and honour, their unique talents and contributions.

Recognise their many achievements and their significant contributions.

As I sat before these courageous, authentic and highly talented people I felt sad.

Sad, their esteem and worth had been diminished by no feedback or by the darkly, negative admonishment that serves no positive purpose. For giver or receiver.

Sad because they felt they’d lost the essence of who they were. What their overarching purpose was.

Such is our identity with our work.

Our need for purpose and meaning.

Our desire to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

To make a difference in the world.

When we don’t love our work it’s impossible to truly satisfy these needs.

And, when we fail to realise our unique purpose, potential and power the world is a lesser place. For us all.

While their stories and experiences differed their feelings were similar.

  • They knew they could contribute more and couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do so and, felt guilty for their lack of muster!
  • Their lack of confidence had them doubting their ability to make wise decisions, to achieve and sustain results
  • There was a daily lack of meaning and purpose at work that had them feel useless and unfulfilled. At work. In life.
  • Relationships with manager, team and peers were not all they could be, compromising their ability to lead as they disconnected and distanced.
  • Feeling disengaged, felt they no longer had the right or ability to make decisions and as a result felt they’d lost influence and power
  • Knowing their performance was suffering they felt out of integrity and feared being fired
  • Long-term situations were causing health issues and problems at home.

And yet…Given all this, sometimes there was still resistant to finding work they loved.

And, given all this, being fearful of change, failure, risk, is all perfectly understandable. And, once acknowledged useful in moving towards our dreams.

Fears included;

  • Ability to find work in the current ‘scarce’ economy
  • Not finding work that would pay as well as current job
  • They couldn’t compete in such a competitive market
  • Their resume wasn’t up to the mark in finding work
  • Being interviewed was terrifying and they’d screw up
  • Even if they found work they’d be the first to be fired
  • Their current employer might give a poor reference
  • The new work/boss/workload…would be just the same!

Our internal assumptions and beliefs can hold you back.

They limit your potential, contribution, power and happiness.

Our ability to connect with your purpose and passion.

Our ability to see and honour your gifts, in all their glory.

Take charge to craft work you love with people we love.

And, be your greatest, most amazing self.

You are worth nothing less. Let no-one tell you otherwise.

The people I was blessed to work with last year are choosing to take charge, to create and craft work they love.

With power, purpose and passion.

Without guilt or apology.

How about you? 

How would it feel to be doing work you love in 2014?

To be using your unique talents and gifts and engaging your purpose and passion?

How could it change your life?

7 Resolutions for helping you Find the Work You Love.

 I will…

  1. Find my purpose and passion and clarify how I want to contribute
  2. Identify my strengths – the things I love to do and do well
  3. Make a generously long list on what I want from my work
  4. Identify, own and honour my unique gifts and talents
  5. Create a resume that speaking from my head and heart gets me in front of my right people
  6. Believe the world needs me to do the work I was born to do
  7. Present my self confidently, authentically and powerfully at interview, choosing to accept or refuse the offer.

I wish you a prosperous, meaningful, purposeful and joyful 2014 – doing work you love!

Tomorrow – How to know  you’re doing your right work.

February Workshop 28th February and 1st March

Finding The Work You Love – Purposeful. Meaningful and Happiness at Work

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