A Great Interview. Its Not What You Think.

29th March 2016


There are times of preparing and planting, times of watering and nurturing, times – often very intense times  – of harvest. Stephen R Covey, An Effective Life.

Interviews bring you closer to harvest. And yes, they can be intense. If you let them be!

An interview is an invitation. Its a show of interest. Engagement with your experience, talents and achievements. In accepting the invitation you are simply entering in to a conversation. That’s what an interview is. No more or less. Its two-way conversation of equal power.

A secret to a great interview is discernment. Ask yourself, why am I saying yes to this invitation. There is no right or wrong answer, only that you know why you’re giving and taking  time. If the reason is, ‘I just want a job,’ forget it. No worthy employer wants someone who ‘just wants a job’! Desperation is not sexy. Discernment is where its at!

What if you really want this job, with this manager in this company, how then do you practice discernment? 

You’ve done your homework. You’ve studied the job description. Googled the company and their competitors. Checked out its employees and clients. Written a list of ‘intelligent’ questions that demonstrate your research and knowledge. Having read and re-read, you’re super excited – you want this job!

Excitement is good. Excitement and discernment is great!

As you enter the conversation ask yourself, I wonder if this is my right work

Discernment keeps you centred. Safe from seductive sales pitches by a ‘keen to fill this position’ interviewer. It retains the objectivity of an open mind. One, that asks questions that assess the opportunity for harvesting past preparation and planting and your future horizon.

Consider what must be present to reap your harvest. The work. Leadership. The values and the way of things.

Ask, with sincere curiosity, what traits do your most successful people have? How do you define success? What would your highest performers say about the company at a BBQ?

Then ask yourself, is this my right work. Listen and feel. If it don’t feel right its not. And never will be. 

Remember your uniqueness . Love yourself, respect yourself, respect your own voice; listen to it and follow it.