Are You Creating Work You Love?

22nd December 2013

 “It is hard to do work you love. It can take a long time.’ Pedro, Street Artist.

Crouching intently before an incomplete canvas with indelibly stained hands, Pedro looks up. He smiles, speaks, then lowering his head, returns to his world of work. Graciously he lets him self be photographed. Contentedly, nestled between his treasured tools of trade, rich in texture and hue, Pedro has everything he needs to fulfil his life’s purpose.

Yesterday’s work lays just beyond. A magnificently, made with love, detailed and bold canvas that would hang proudly, alongside the Nolans’, Blackmans’ and Heysens’ adorning the gallery walls opposite.

On this hot steamy Sydney day Pedro pays homage to his purpose. Consciously. Authentically. Humbly. He is actively creating his life’s work. Seemingly, with ease. One deft, determined, stroke after the other.


It struck me, as I stood and watched, that Pedro, contained and content, was the embodiment of love at work


He appeared…

  • To have brought his whole self to work
  • Intent in doing his best work whatever was happening around him
  • Self-aware and centred, unperturbed by others’ opinions
  • Totally present and focused on each single stroke, line and mark
  • Peaceful, calm and powerful
  • Fulfilled by his life’s work
  • To be creating and contributing to something beyond himself
  • Abundant in his life of colour and texture
  • Earning a living doing work he loved. Work he was born to do.

While you and I  might not be street artists, we are creators.

We create ourselves. Our world. Thought by thought. Day by day.

By what we do. How we do it.  And, who we do it with.

Pedro has created his world by doing work he loves. One stroke at a time. 

Have you created your world of work. Work you love?

Workshop Finding Work You Love – Unleashing Your Purpose and Passion coming soon…