Are You Ready To Do Work You Love?

22nd April 2014


Did you finish last week sighing with deep relief?

And start your working week with Friday front of mind?

Is this how your work feels? A tiring, uninspiring, grind you to the ground, sort of work. Work you longer love.

Ask yourself…is this how I want to spend the rest of my precious life?

Or, do I want more? Deserve more?

There is no escaping you’re here for a purpose.

To make a unique contribution to the world. A contribution only you can make.

And in return you do work that matters. Work that brings meaning and joy to your life.

So how do you begin to find work that serves you and others?

Pay attention to your inner voice. You true desires.

Your desires and passions may at first be hushed inaudible whispers. Or perhaps,  dreams or serendipitous events calling for connection. Alternatively, a shuddering, out of the blue thunderbolt that blind sides you.

The whispers, dreams, serendipitous events and thunderbolts will keep on coming until you attend and pay heed.

Know you deserve to be happy at work. To have a career that brings pleasure, happiness and fulfilment.

A career that unleashes your potential, gifts and talents and has you step up and claim your place of service in the world.

Make quiet time to reflect on your work. Realise what works for you. What doesn’t.

What it costs you to stay stuck for fear of leaving. Dwell and play in the infinite possibilities of finding work, where you can be all you can be.

Ask yourself…

  • What work would I do if I knew no one would judge me? And, the money would come?
  • What do I love and respect about myself?
  • How could I make the world a better place for me and others?
  • What stops me from moving forward and exploring my passion and purpose?

The strongest voice and, the one that matters most, is yours.

Make it count. Speak your truth. Embrace your power. Take a stand for what you want.

For the kind of person you want to be. And the way you want to serve the world.

Let your values, you heart’s deepest desires, guide you.

Live with integrity. Prioritise you values. Know what makes you whole.

Write your vision down. Let integrity keep you accountable.

Stymied. Resistant. Fearful on how to find work you love? Try Marcus Buckingham’s Standout a twenty minute questionnaire that helps you connect to your strengths.

I get great feedback on the simplicity and accuracy of this report from my clients. I love how it gives people who attend the Finding The Work You Love Workshops permission and confidence to pursue their passion. The work they were born to do.

When you step up to transform your world of work it can be scary. Of course! Its natural to fear tubulent unchartered waters.

Only in overcoming your fear can you truly experience courage.

Trust that with clarity comes capacity. A spaciousness to create extraordinary work. Like you’ve never done before.

And know past experiences have brought you here. To this point. Prepared for something more.

Reflect on your achievements. Your resilience and strength that overcame past difficulties. Your lessons.  

You are ready to take the first step…

when you are willing to step out of your zone of comfort and security.  To act according with your values and integrity. And dare to live your dreams and desires. 

To create the working life you want.


be patient.

Finding work you love won’t happen overnight.

Get clear on purpose. Trust. Commit. Take action. 

And know you’re here to do work you love. To realise your purpose.