“Magic happens if you are open and honest and trust Kate to gently guide you through a truly transformative process.” Carly

You spend, 45-50 years of your life at work. 45-50 hours a week, not counting travel and thinking time.

When our strongest desires include contribution and meaning, love and belonging. Are you really willing to sacrifice your years by doing work that holds no meaning with people who don’t get you?

You can find your right work. And I can help you!

Work that inspires you. Unleashes your talents. And brings you joy and satisfaction.

How it works…

You and I working together to create and craft your career. Finding or redefining your purpose, passion and power. Clarifying and strengthening your strengths. Claiming and amplifying your unique talents. Re-connecting with your confidence. Attending to your inner world while providing powerful and practical tools to find the work your right work. Work you will love.

I was confused and discouraged. Despite my academic and professional excellence, I was not getting interviews and started to question my capabilities. I felt that I had so much to offer, but no one was recognising my talents and potential. However, Kate reinforced my self-belief. And, I found work I love. Katrina – Economist


Have unique gifts and talents. Skills, strengths and experience.

Want the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than your self.

Desire purpose and meaning in your work.

Like working with like-minded people and having a boss you like and respect.

Get energised by doing work you love!

Yet right now… your work no longer works for you. 

You’ve lost your passion. Your desire to engage full-out. To be your best self at work.

And it’s starting to suck!

The more it sucks the harder it becomes find time, space and the motivation to initiate change.

You lose…

  • Sight of your unique skills, gifts and strengths – confidence and power
  • Insight to what you want from your work and why
  • The joy and satisfaction of doing great work – work you love
  • Satisfaction of creating work that matters. Work you truly care about
  • Promotion and career enhancing opportunities
  • The ability to increase your salary and prosperity
  • Working with a leader who has your back and whom you can learn from
  • Connecting with like-minded people you trust and respect
  • Motivation to progress your career or work portfolio
  • Success on your terms

Life is too short to being doing the wrong work with the wrong people. And you deserve so much more!

“Kate has an amazing ability to draw out information, its actually quite remarkable! Other CEO’s haven’t even drawn that information out of me! I appreciate you taking the time and asking all the right questions” Nahtanha Davey. General Manager

Working in recruiting, human resources and coaching for 20 years has provided the opportunity to understand employers’ why’s, what’s and how’s of hiring people.

I’ve met board members, senior leaders and human resource people. People who’ve shared their selection processes, their rationale and their secrets to finding their best people.

So passionate am I about aligning employees and employers I’ve even written a book!

I want to share the leaders wisdom with you. The secrets of creating a powerful and effective marketing strategy that results in you finding your right work.

Work that provides meaning, purpose and fulfilment. Has you progress your career, enjoy prosperity and joy. To do work you love with people you love.

‘Working with Kate was like working with an old friend even though we had just met.  She is professional, yet provides intellectual and valuable insights into career planning and progression.  I wouldn’t hesitate working with Kate again. She certainly “practices what she preaches” with a large amount of integrity.’ Judi Denny – Finance Manager

On average you will spend 35% of your week at work. And work for around 50 years of your life. It kinda sucks if you don’t love it!

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