Does Your Resume Get You An Interview?

03rd June 2014


The world is speeding up. Time is quickening. Less time to impress. Less time to capture heads and hearts.

A recent study confirmed that your on and off line resume gets a scant six seconds scan.

So how do you engage a quick scanning recruiter or employer beyond six seconds?

Perfect your on-line profile picture.

Heat maps show visitors to your LinkedIn profile spend 19% of their time looking at you! Your professionally taken photograph is pocket size real estate. Pertinent and precious.

We do all sorts of weird things when we see someone or look at their photograph. We make judgments. Assumptions. Make up stories. Create imaginary lives. Ascribe professions. Have people heroes. Or, villains!

What message do you want to convey?

Professional. Likeable. Trustworthy. Influential. Creative. Intelligent.

Write your list. Then have a professionally taken photograph that truly reflects you and what you stand for. This is not the time or place for selfies!

This cool tool provides photo feedback …

Keep your resume short. Facts over fluff. Clarity over complexity.

Those majority of those scant six seconds are spent on;  your name, current and last job title and company, start and finish dates and education. The rest is rapidly scanned for key words. Relevant to the job in hand.

This sounds harsh. Disrespectful to a document you’ve poured in to, and over. Sometimes, for days.

I know you want a job. Fearful of leaving out anything important you tell me everything. Just in case! I sadly read desperate.

The thing, is there is likely to be another 50+ others wanting a job. Some will apply and tell all. Others’ will be discerning. The distinction is palpable. And way more powerful and enticing. 

You get attention beyond six scant minutes when it’s clear why you want this job.

And when you bullet point sweet short responsibilities and marry them up with focused achievements you engage and seduce the recruiter or employer. They read on.

Go for standard and usable rather than clever and overly creative.  Think of investing in a professional resume to help you win an interview.

Recruiters and employers are increasingly using SEO software to further quicken the process. Use simple, relevant and clear language. Go easy with acronyms and jargon.

Apply only for roles you want and can do. In this current market if you don’t have experience or training in the top 3-5 requirements it’s possible you’ll not get your full six seconds.

Those scant six seconds you need for getting a seat at the table!

One step closer to getting work you love.