Earn More Doing Work You Love

01st January 2014


‘It’s been a hard days night, and I’ve been working like a dog. John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

At the end of the year that’s just how we can feel! As you take, perhaps, a long awaited, much needed holiday with your not seen much of family, you might reflect upon your year of work.

For some of us it’s been hard. Redundancies. Closures. Long spells of unemployment.

For others it’s been a period of personal and professional growth. New opportunities. Promotion and success.

For all of us there have been challenges and lessons.

What are you intending for yourself in 2014?

New challenges, opportunities and promotion. A time for finding work you really love; that plays to your strengths and has you do your best work.

It could, also, be more of the same. And, thats perfect if, more of the same makes you happy. I’m all for having more of what makes me happy. And, not when it doesn’t!

You might, however, have asked yourself if you are doing your right work. Work you love.

So how do you know if you’re doing the work you were born to do?

You might to reflect on these seven questions.

Take time in a quiet space. Paper and pen as needed and ask your self…

  1. What are you best at and most like doing at work and; do you spend 80% of your time doing those things?
  2. What do others most often say are your greatest strengths; are you using and amplifying them?
  3. Which skills and talents are you most proud of and;  do you get an opportunity to engage and develop them?
  4. What were you doing when you were happiest at work and;  can you find a way of replicating that now?
  5. Are you working with your right people with similar values and; what type of people do you love collaborating with?
  6. What has been your greatest achievement in the past 12 months and why did it matter; what will it be this year?
  7. What are your most cherished hopes for your future work and; can they be realised by what you’re doing right now?

If you can say yes to the majority of these questions you’ve chosen and created well!

You’re highly likely be feeling engaged and connected. Playing to your strengths, performing highly, doing purposeful work that matters and loving what you’re doing.

I am deeply moved and inspired when I meet and see people doing work they love. Next time you eat out observe the waiting staff. It’s so easy to see those that love what they do and those that don’t. And, those that do earn the most. Of course!

On the other hand if your answers are less certain, less positive it might be that what you’re born to do awaits you. Elsewhere!

This is the first of 31 posts this month to help you increase purpose, meaning and happiness at work.

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