Get The Interview You Want

28th April 2014



You need a clear vision to get the job you want. And, passion and capacity to communicate it, with clarity and conviction.

Is your resume winning you interviews?

Or, are you wondering why, with…

all you have to offer

proven capability

past achievements and awards

extensive experience

and worked for qualifications…

You can’t even get an interview!

I hear you. Its a painful cry. One I’ve cried myself!

A cry, that speaks from fragile self-worth and esteem.

Savagely triggered by not being thought worthy enough for  interview. For a job you so know you could do. So well!

Not getting that, much desired, this is my job! interview, rarely has anything to do with your capacity to perform. Rather, it has everything to do with the quality of your resume!

Providing that is, you are discerning in your applications. Please don’t be tempted to be otherwise. That is to come from a place of scarcity. Rather than worth and abundance.

You are not alone in your frustration. Career Coaching clients share, with me… their anger. Desperation. Shame. Hopelessness. Diminishing self-confidence and courage. As they struggle to find meaningful work. Work they are so deserving of.

We always contributed to a situation we experience. Consciously. Unconsciously.

When clients see their contribution to not making it to interview; emotionally, mentally and practically they become empowered to create opportunities, they’d only dreamt about.

And, they get really clear on writing a interview wining resume

Your resume is an advertisement. Not for the position, but the interview. Its job is to get you noticed. To tempt. Entice. Excite. Create curiosity. To leave the reader wanting more. To illicit and interview. Its words. Layout. Ease. Need to be real sexy!

Let you resume speak of your achievements. Attitude. Enthusiasm. Self-discipline. Desire and ambition. Recent study suggests that 85% of getting an interview is based on your personal traits and achievements rather than your academic achievements.

Know what you want. Who you want to attract and why. Tailor your language. Let them see and feel you beyond your words. And, set clear goals to help you get your resume in front of the right people. For the right role. In the right fit company.

Keep it short. You get 15 – 30 seconds to impress. To get selected. To get a seat at the table. Write a strong, why you, value proposition. What you want. What you bring. Keep it to crisp and clean. Two pages. Get creative. And know every word counts.

Never. Ever. Share…. your salary level. Your state of health. Marital status. Number of children. Religion. Ethnicity. Unless its a legal requisite for selection. Only share nothing what is relevant to your capability and suitability to do a stellar job!

Steer clear of the law of diminishing returns; sending more resumes does not increase your chances of getting an interview. It does, however, increase the your chances of being rejected! Stay on purpose. With what you want. And, write a well-written, well-targeted resume to well-selected decision makers. You’d like to meet.

Don’t send and forget! On sending your resume follow up. Two, three days later. I have not received resumes from people I have later placed in positions. Sometimes emails get lost. Sometimes, a spoken resume is a winner.

Please don’t underestimate the importance and power of knowing what your purpose, values, talents, gifts and strengths are in writing a well-crafted, well-targeted resume for getting an interview. On the way to finding work you love.

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Finding Work You Love Workshop – Purpose. Meaning and Happiness at Work

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Lunch and refreshments provided

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‘The workshop was a very positive experience. I feel like I am on track to make real change in my life. This is what I have been looking for.’ Carol, recent workshop attendee.