Have You Found Your Purpose?

17th March 2014


‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.’  Michelangelo

No one person is born in the same place at the same time. Never has there been and never there will be, another you! In the history of the world.

You, with your unique talents and strengths. Passions and purpose.

There is no one who can do what you do. The way you do it.

You’re here to serve, supported with a pre-ordained purpose. It’s your life’s work to claim it and unleash it. In to the world. A unique contribution.

Its your way to change the earth.

Big? Scary? Yes! And it’s what makes your life matter.

When you block your purpose. Stall your creativity. Walk away from your passions. You deprive yourself of joy, meaning and a fully lived life. You deny the world of what it needs.

You play small. Hide behind the mask of others’ expectations. Lose yourself in your stories of not good enough, smart enough…

You deprive us all of your brilliance. Your unique offering in a way only you can offer it. While somewhere in your work place, community, the world, someone is crying out for you and your gifts.

‘I hear you when you whisper…

don’t know my purpose…I’ve never known what I really want to do. Be. I’ve nothing special to offer…’

For many years I felt the same. And, instead did what was expected. Following paths ordained by others I climbed, one inauthentic step-after-the-other, up the corporate ladder.

Each run left me more exhausted. Increasingly disconnected. Out of integrity. In fear of being found to be a big fat fake by those above and below. As I was!

It wasn’t until I got ill and was forced, to take time out did I look inwards.

Asking myself…

  • What ignites my spirit?
  • What experiences do I want in life?
  • What disturbs me?
  • What do I want to contribute?
  • What do I need to give up to do the work I love?
  • What would I do if no one else cared?

At first, I struggled. Over thinking. Judging my answers as right or wrong. Fearful of what others would think and say.

Finally, by sitting with the questions I found the courage to speak my purpose. Found something worth giving my all to. Risking all. Being prepared to be ridiculed (I have been!)

Sure I’ve had times where I doubted my capacity to pull it off. Thought of giving up. Still do in my darker hours. And, every new idea still has me grapple with the how.

With clarity of purpose I’m learning to trust. Knowing that the very creation of an idea brings possibility. And that, given attention and love and right action the ‘how’ finds it way.

Its the same for finding your purpose. Discovering and living your life’s work requires you to overcome resistance. Trust heartfelt intentions. Converse with your soul. And practice self-acceptence and love.

It often helps to work with someone you trust. Someone who, intuitively, see’s your gifts, talents and strengths. The very magic of you, that your inner critic goes all out to slay as you move closer towards your purpose and power.

It is not for you to compare, criticise and doubt your purpose. You simply to need to know what disturbs you. Excites you. Motivates you. Rouses your passion.

Nor, is it your job to comment on how good it is. Or, how it compares with others self-expression.

It doesn’t. It can’t.

It is what it is. Its your perfect, unique and beautiful blend of self-expression.

And, its your job to realise your purpose and potential.

To know, amplify and engage your unique talents and strengths. To do the work you were born to do. And to serve the world in a way only you can do.

Creating your life’s work reflects your deepest self. It is the work of your soul and your hearts true expression. 

Do you need help in finding and living your passions and purpose? In finding work you love? 

Soul searching and practical! Just one place left.

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Friday March 28th and Saturday 29th March 2014 – Adelaide

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