How Great Interview Questions Make You Stand Out

28th August 2016


What if the secret to life came in asking
Some powerful questions before we go tasking?
What are the questions you’d ask day to day?
How might you pose them a powerful way? – Mark Voorsanger

What if the outcome of your interview was determined, by the quality of your questions? What might you dare to ask? How might you discern and shape your working life?

Staying silent or asking easy questions risks not getting the job or, getting it and hating it!

You know the importance of asking questions to impress. The ones showcasing your company and industry knowledge with their opportunities and challenges. You know the ones best avoided first-up, pay, entitlements and hours. But, do you know the confronting and respectful must ask questions?

The courageous ones, demonstrating your discernment, thinking, values, leadership and integrity. Questions that posed from the heart, resonate with your right future employer, have you stand out and shine and, determine your happiness at work.

Knowing what questions to ask requires you to know what you stand for; your values, desires and motivation. Your way of working; flexible or structured, the bustle of an open plan or the quiet of an own office. Small things perhaps?  That with time, effect your health, happiness and your ability to be your best self.

Discerning interviewees are bold and, respectful; to you and your audience. They know what they can contribute and desire. In turn they and ask questions from a place of curiosity rather than judgment. In recognition both parties want the best outcome, their motivation is steered by what is right for the employer and them. With it’s possible long term collaboration, relationship and success.

So what questions might you ask if security, advancement, culture, leadership style were important to you?

Security. I’m aware your industry is experiencing increasing competition from overseas companies and curious to know how this is impacting you and what strategies you have in place to ensure you continue to thrive? Or, with our current economic climate what is the company’s current financial situation and how do you view future business?

Advancement. What training and development opportunities do you provide employees, could you please provide an example? How often do you appraise performance and what is your process? Do you provide assistance for further relevant education?

Culture. How would you describe the culture here? you have guiding values and behaviours in place and if so how do you review and coach? What is the average employment period of your employees, how long was the current/last person in this role and reason for leaving?

Leadership. How would your team describe your leadership style? What is the predominant style of the CEO/managing director, the board or your leader’s manager. What is the process of decision making in the business? What leadership training do you undertake?

The environment you fashion out of your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideals, your philosophy is the only climate you will ever live in. Stephen Covey