How To Be A Positive Fearless Job Hunter

05th May 2014


‘Don’t give in to your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.’ Paulo Coelho

Perhaps…feeling unhappy at work. Returning or leaving, you’ve now entered the ‘job market.’ And, in doing so you’re experiencing uncertainty, nervousness, doubt. Or, all out terror!

You are not alone.

Our ego self, overly identifies with our work. It has you attach your self-worth and esteem to the work you do. So that you define, and let others, define you, by your work.

Such is its power, that you’re define your status and success by your job title. And, let others do likewise. Left unchecked and questioned your ego will attempt to crush you. Cruelly.

You lose sight of yourself. Forgetting, that you are defined by your being, rather than your doing.

You might ask…Who am I? What now? What can I do? Who will have me?

You apply for your dream job. And, get turned down, without an interview. It happens again.

Your inner critic comes out to play. Big time! Well versed with damaging diatribe.

It feeds your fear. Your not good enough story. Who do you think you are story.

Revisits. Retells past failures. Should you forget.

All the while it…

saps your confidence. Dehydrates dreams. And, poisons the possibility of what you know to be true.

You pray. If only…I could get that job!

That job? Really? Beware. Check your motive and desires.

Tell yourself, with deep love…

it might be hard to find my right work. But, hey I’ve overcome many challenges before. List them

this is a journey. An opportunity to reassess my work. My life. To find work I love.

I am preparing myself for the next big thing. Define it

the gifts, talents and strengths I want to employ are…List them

I have achieved great things at work. In life. List them

my family and friends love me. Believe in me. Ask them to say why so. In 3 words

I am discerning in my choice of work because I know what I love to do, and why

And…Its smart to ask for help.

For further hushing of your, fear obsessed, inner critic…

Approach your job search from a place of creation, positivity and curiosity.

Know it’s your right to do work you love. Trust in your capacity to attract it. And do it! Amazingly. As only you can!

I wish you happy hunting!

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