How to Feel Qualified For Your Next Work

02nd August 2016


To be courageous is to stay close to the way you were made. David Whyte

And you are perfectly made and gifted for the work you are here to do.

So why is it, on finding your dream work, you disappear in to a well of worry while re-narrating you’re not good enough story? And then re-surfacing, apply for work you tick all boxes to?

What would you dare without your not good enough story?

From this sorry place you apply for work where ticking all boxes, peusdo-confidence settles for less. In doing this, you refuse an invitation to step up; to do the work of your soul. Work of meaning, purpose and joy – your true contribution in the world.


When you come from a place of fear and competition its seems logical to focus on tick-all-the-boxes- work. Isn’t that what employers want?

Well…yes and no. Some do and many don’t. The ones that don’t are far sexier! They’re the ones who note experience then, focus and hire on fit, attitude, aligned values and willingness to learn, develop and evidence of contribution and achievement.

If you want want to ‘stay close to the way you were made,’ these are your people!

Your egoic-self may still resist bigger work. It fears humiliation and shame of failure and in defence keeps you in your comfort zone. And, while you’re there reminds you of all the reasons you couldn’t do this work with all the reasons you should settle for less.

Instead of less, what do you want more of from your work? 

So how do you slay the down-trodding-keep-small ego? You ask for help! Visible and invisible.

Have courage, that is to speak one’s mind by speaking from the heart and risk the jump from your metaphorical cliff edge.

Ask five friends and family to describe you in five words. Be present and grateful on receiving, nothing more than a heartfelt thank you is required.

Ask current and former managers to describe your talents, your genius and contribution. Again presence and gratitude is all that’s required.

Finally, ask yourself; what do I stand for? What do have I contributed? What do I love doing? What have I achieved and how did I do so. Listen for inner wisdom.

And if safe-keeping ego pipes up say, ‘thank you for keeping me safe and right now I’ve got this!’

Next time you see a work you want and find yourself not ticking all the boxes…

  • Communicate, with humility and evidence, your gifts, talent and special kind of genius
  • Create a picture of who you are, what you stand how you align with the company
  • Evidence willingness and ability to learn; promotions, courses and education
  • Have compelling why’s. Why them. Why this work. Why you!

Then say hell! I can do this!

Remember you are here to be you. To serve and contribute in the only way you can. Be  audacious authentic and humble and good things will follow!

Freedom lies in being bold. Robert Frost – Poet