How To Find Values Aligned Work

01st December 2014


Initiating a Culture Conversation

The art of discernment while unhappy at work or without is often thought to be a luxury. It isn’t.

It is an act of self-respect, a testament to your unique strengths, talents and experience. It is your insurance policy to ensure you find work you love. Safe in a place where you can contribute, find meaning and collaborate with likeminded folk. 

  1. What’s the difference between a good employee and a great employee in your business?

In asking you get a glimpse in to a businesses core values. Always one hundred and one ways to do something what, however, is deemed most important and why?

Listen carefully. Do the words and answers align with your values. The way you like to work. Do they promise opportunities to play to your strengths? Is there talk of coaching, mentorship and ‘we all make mistakes.’

Or, is it less about talent and values and more about personal victories, exceeding results-driven expectations, blame and shame, Friday night drinks or being buddies with the CEO.

  1. What can I expect on joining and in my first 90 days?

How you are welcomed and inducted determines your ability to demonstrate the reason you were hired.

To make an early contribution you need to know what support and resources, activities and expectations are in place for you to settle and shine.

The answer also provides insight to the culture of learning and professional and personal development and growth.

  1. How do you encourage and develop teamwork?

Having a good friend at work is one of twelve reasons, as identified by Gallup, people stay and perform at work.

Explore the importance placed on teamwork. Ask what’s been achieved through inter-departmental teamwork. And what internal and social activities are in place to encourage and recognise great teamwork.

Strong, healthy and vibrant cultures have productive people connected and caring.

  1. What do you most love about working here and what to least like?

Listen for an energised, descriptive and passionate response. Take note of the activities, ownership and outcomes. And listen for authenticity and joy.

Beware the pause followed by one word. Challenging. Satisfying. Interesting. Explore further by repeating the word.

Or a flat sounding sentence, keeps me busy, get to use my brain. Ask, what are their busy with or how do you use your brain?

  1. If I were to ask your employees three reasons why they work with you what would they say?

Knowing what your potential collaborators feel about their leaders and the business provides a tangible sense of the culture. In particular, given 70% of people leave because of their leader, an insight in to leadership capacity and house style.

Listen for opportunities to make meaningful contribution. Ability to achieve sweetened further with recognition and celebration. A sense of belonging, trust and loyalty.

Feedback that aligns with your values, desires and purpose.

When recruiting I often recommend potential employees’ meets clients’ employees outside the hiring team.

  1. How does this position contribute to the vision, goals and success of the business?

In asking this you get to demonstrate your homework – your knowledge of the industry and business, success and challenges. And you get to ask how you can expect to contribute.

Listen for scope. Influence. Clear description of the responsibilities, tasks, projects and collaborations you can expect. And how these specifically relate to the vision, success and what matters most.

7. Can you please take me on a tour of your business?

Potentially, this is where you’re going to spend forty hours and more every week in an attempt to find meaning, purpose and success. For the foreseeable future.

You want to see if it fits. If it vibrates a great cultural vibe.

Tune in to your intuition. Listen for the buzz of productivity. A lightness. Interaction. Look at layout. What’s on display. The language of notice boards. The pride in the place.

Beware in the face of resistance or excuses why not.

Deciding on your next work, company and colleagues can be one of the most important and far reaching decisions you make.

Trust you gut.

Set yourself up for success by choosing as if you had an infinite number of choices.

Or, if needs must, be prepared to make-do until your right work appears.

With right intentions, actions and discernment it will.

You deserve to do work you love, with a leader you like and respect in a business that aligns with your values.

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