How To Know You’re Doing Your Right Work

04th January 2014

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‘Work is love made visible.’ Kahlil Gibran.

As you take, perhaps, a long awaited much needed holiday, you may reflect upon your last year of work.

You might be looking forward to your work ahead or…

be considering 2014 as your year for change.

Redefining what you want from your work. Your life.

Imagining new challenges, opportunities and promotion.

Considering a change in direction, career, location.

You might be asking…

Is what I  do now what I want to be doing… this year, next year, the year after… Until I retire.

Is this it?

Is this all there is?

Or, is there something else?

And if there is, what is it?

To gain clarity on what you want, it is useful to know what you have.

It pays to attend to what’s already serving you. And what no longer does.

Give love and gratitude to the former.

Graciously, wish the latter on it’s way.

In doing so, you get more of what you want. Clear the space for creating anew and craft something more useful to you on your quest to find right work.

Work you love!

Here are some questions to help you discover if you’re doing your right work.

Find a quiet place. Clear and calm your mind. Take all the time you want.

  1. What am I best at, and most like doing at work? Am I spending 80% of my time doing these things?
  2. What do others most often say are my greatest strengths? Am I using them?
  3. Which skills and talents am I most proud of? Do I get, and take opportunity to use them, often?
  4. What am I doing when I’m happiest at work? Can I find a way of doing that in my current work?
  5. Do I like and respect my manager and the people I work with? Do we have each other’s backs?
  6. What has been my greatest achievement in the past 12 months? Why did it matter to me, the business?
  7. What are my most cherished hopes for my future work? Can they be realised by what I’m doing right now?

If you said yes! To most of the questions, you’re likely to be doing your right work. With your right people.

Engaged, connected, valued. Fit for promotion and  doing great work that matters. To you and the world.

Work you love!

This makes me happy.

On the other hand, if you had more no’s, it’s likely your right work awaits you.

It’s out there. I promise you.

Go get it! It’s nearer than you think.

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‘The best way to predict your future is to create it,’ – Stephen Covey.