Is this it?

01st September 2015



Is this it?

If not yet asked, these three words await you. Your invitation to have a different conversation with your work.

‘Is this it?’ invites you to check-in on your story, the old one. The one you’ve carried around, unquestionably, for years. As if it were real. As if it were truly you.

This long-ago made-up story can find you stuck. Camped out for decades, in a safe and stale paddock amid familiar terrain.

Perhaps you’re doing work others thought, given your outward appearances, you should do. Or, chosen work that no longer inspires or serves you, or hushed your souls quiet calling for fear of failure.

Of course you can  choose to ignore this three-word question. To leave it unanswered. Hey! It’s a small question. Whispered in a moment of quiet desperation, quickly poo-poo’d by your naysaying-play-it-safe ego!

You might think, no answer needed. I’ll just move on. Find a better job, a more culturally aligned team, a better manager, more money and so on. Only to find yourself, once again, whispering ‘is this it?’

I did! Asked it, moved on. Left bosses, companies and relationships even countries! Always, searching and striving for something more. Something outside myself.

It took a near death experience to stop and take breath, to ask a second question. ‘If I had died today, is this the life I would have created?’ The answer, fuck, no!

Quick to follow were irony and shame. I had created this life. My life! Most part unconsciously and unquestionably.

Now I ask questions. Big beautiful ones.

Their beauty resides in their willingness to confront and their power to transform.

They take time and space. Openness and trust. A willingness to travel inwards.

Big beautiful questions change the daily conversations I have with work. In doing so they make way for a conscious and loving relationship. An alignment with my souls work. They’ve also let me write again!

Next time you whisper, in a moment of quiet desperation, ‘is this it?’ ask another question…

What was I born to do?

What parts of me do I keep hidden?

If I ignored the opinions of others, what would I do?

What brings me deep joy?

What would I do if I knew the money would come?

Big beautiful questions will change the trajectory of your career. In doing so, they can save your life!

Start asking now!