Taking The First Step in Finding Work You Love

08th November 2015


Start close in

don’t take the second step

or the third

start with the first


close in,

the step you don’t want to take.

David Whyte. First verse. Start Close In

When you pay attention to the first step, the one close in, you resist seduction of the obvious quick-fit with its innate insistency and urgency to act. The first step also refuses, with grace, the invitation to abandon all you’ve named wrong. To make good. To resign. Or, desperate to exit, saying yes to a soulless, purposeless job with its exaggerated promise of security and status.

Take note; the speed, ease and confidence of your quick fix solutions is a clear sign you have stepped way beyond the ‘first step, the one you don’t want to take.’

The first step is the hardest. And one despite, and because of, your fear, confusion, anger and perhaps esteem, you are wise to attend to. Not to do so, is to risk taking a wrong second and third step. In doing so you deny yourself the exquisite risk of succeeding in finding work you love.

Work you love is your soul’s work, the work you’re is here to do, in the way only you can do it. Your right work compels you to begin with what is, to look closely at the nub of the matter and front-up to your current relationship with work.

Step one initiates and shines light on the conversation with your future work. Your future self and new way of being in the world. It is the one which without, all other conversations are merely a telling of old stories, a holding on of false outmoded beliefs and temporariness of panaceas and short term fixes.

The first step is not to write your resume, trawl the internet and papers for work, apply for the anything remotely doable or tell the world you’re looking. Your first step is closer in. An interior conversation opening you up to big beautiful questions. Questions you may first resist.

‘I must update my resume.’ is often seen as the first step. The means of escaping your no longer working work. Its not!

How do you write a resume without knowing…

what work you want to gift your energy to.

who and what you want to be in relationship with.

what conversations you want to partake in and contribute to.

who your right tribe is.

your unique talents, experience and way of doing things.

who you want to serve

Step one provides you the time and space, truth and grace to access the clarity of the well-attended first step.

Imagine your right work, with all its magnificence, is waiting patiently for you. Desiring only clarity, confidence and trust to reveal it self.

How would it feel to put aside your fears with their necessity to act, analyse, judge and jump?  And instead, trust your right work is waiting patiently in the wings as you ‘start with the first thing close in.’

What might your first step be, the one you don’t want to take?