Why Discernment Helps You Find Work You Love

22nd August 2016


standing out

Any thing or anyone who does not bring you alive, is too small for you. David Whyte.

When you’re without work, hanging in awaiting the inevitable or tired of your work its common to fall prey to self-doubt and fear. And with it, self-sabotaging thoughts. Thoughts, that left uncensored, have you doubt your experience and capability, gifts and talents; your unique blend of magic.

Questioning your worth and, the will to seek another work, you wonder whether you’ll ever find work that lights you up again. Work you love. Work, you’ve done so capably before.

You note talk of economic slow down with increasing job losses and decreasing vacancies. Economists and politicians’ gloomy projections and prospects you feel powerless to reverse.

Before long you sink under the weight of negative thoughts. Once discerning on your choice of work, your thinking has you grateful for any work. It has you apply for everything and anything. While, hope hangs on  in with fear, ready to say yes any employer who’ll take you on. This is desperation!

Lacking discernment and acting from place of fear only compounds your fear of not finding work. Each thank you and no thank and no reply serve to evidence your thought of the difficulty of finding work.

Note: Sometimes…we need to take work we’d rather not. Be conscious in your choosing and discernment returns.

 All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought. Syd Banks.

Changing your thoughts changes everything. Your made-up thought of desperation is just a passing thought. Its not real. And, its as long lasting as you choose to hold on to it.

Thought creates emotion and emotions can feel very real. And whereas thought can be mindfully dropped, emotions can be little more dogged in their stay. That is, until you revise your thought!

You can change thought desperation to thought discernment. It’s no more real. But it feels a whole lot better! And, in looking for work you love, yields positive results.

Seven ways to be more discerning when seeking work…

  • Create and repeat a mantra e.g I am talented and worthy of great work
  • Write down your achievements and talents; your special brand of genius – keep it visible
  • Ask five friends to describe you in three or five words; your only comment, thank you!
  • Note what energises you and weakens you at work; tasks, people, environment
  • Have a clear why when you apply for work. A why that excites you
  • Be conscious in your choosing of work, organisation, manage; say no when you feel it
  • Walk tall in to an interview and ask yourself, I wonder if this is my right work and place?

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything― Warren Buffett